Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Ways to Search

We've added a few new ways for you to search for books and articles at the CSUDH library.

The first of these is Google Scholar, which you can use to search for journal articles from a number of journals. Once you associate your web browser with our library (under "scholar preferences" from the main Google Scholar page), you can click the search results to go right into our databases!

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up google scholar for your computer.

The second new search method is WorldCat. WorldCat lets you find books and articles not only in our own library, but in libraries around the world. While you may not ever need to know that the Koninklijke Bibliotheek has a copy of Le Petit Prince, this tool can help you find textbooks and other research materials in libraries around the Los Angeles area instead of just here at CSUDH. This can be useful if we don't have a book you need and you don't want to wait for inter-library loan.

Click here for a Tutorial on how to search using WorldCat.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wondering what new books we have?

Wonder no more! The New Books page can tell you just that!

The page contains a list of all the books that the library has recently acquired, and is updated once every 3-4 months. The current version of the page shows all the books that we acquired between November of 2007 and July of 2008.

You can browse the new books by subject area or alphabetically by title, and you can also search the list for words in the title or for the name of your favourite author.

Remember that you can always see our newest books by coming to the library in person and taking a look at our New Books shelf, located opposite the reference desk right inside the library's entrance.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New look for library web page!

There has been an overhaul of the library's website, and the results are as you see them. If you have any comments about the new look, or input on how we can continue to improve the page, please comment on our blog and let us know, or send an e-mail to the library webmaster.

Biggest changes

  • The front page has several "tabs". You can click these to see links that will help you:
    • Do your assignments
    • Learn about the library
    • Check out services the library offers.

  • You can now see what time the library is open on the front page. There is also a calendar showing our hours a few months in advance.

  • You can now search for books from the main library page. Doing so will take you into our online catalogue.

  • Library announcements will be posted on the front page instead of in semi-annual newsletters. You can see older announcements here at our blog

  • We now have a collection of "Frequently Asked Questions." If you have a question about something in the library, check it out before you send an e-mail asking us for help. The question you have might already be answered!

  • When you are on any sub-page in the site, you will see navigation back to the main page, and to several relevant sub-pages.

Hopefully, you like the new look, and find it to be useful and easy to use.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,

Library Webmaster

Monday, June 9, 2008

Older Library Newsletters

For your convenience, we still have the library newsletters from the old website available online.

You can access them by clicking the links below.

Spring 2002 Newsletter

Fall 2004 Newsletter

Spring 2005 Newsletter

Fall 2007 Newsletter