Monday, February 4, 2013

Fast, Effective Research Help!

“Research is so frustrating!”  “I get thousands of hits when I search Google, but nothing is appropriate for my class assignment.”  “Can you help me find some scholarly journal articles?”

Librarians have noticed that studious TOROS are well into their search for scholarly resources for course assignments. Other than the friendly, personalized assistance you can find by speaking with a reference librarian, there are a number of available online research guides that can help TOROS easily navigate the research process. 

The guides have been developed by CSUDH librarians over the years and are either general subject guides or are specific to course sections. Guides cover a variety of topics including - 
  • how to find a book in the library catalog 
  • how to find scholarly articles 
  • how to evaluate web sites 
  • understanding plagiarism and citing sources, and
  • tips and techniques for database searching.  
Feel free to take a look at a number of different guides to find the information you need. 

To find the guides, click on the link to Online Research Guides, found about ½ way down on the Library home page within the Research & Scholarly Assistance section.  Once on the page, you can select from General Subject Guides or Course Specific Guides by Department. 

If you have an idea for a research guide, please contact one of the University Librarians!  

If you would like additional help finding resources for your topic, contact a librarian at the Reference Desk or set up an appointment with a librarian for an individualized research session.