Saturday, March 9, 2013

iPads & CSUDH

Last week a few librarians attended the iPad learning session, IPAD Basics and Course Application, hosted by the CSUDH Faculty Development Center along with Title V and Instructional Technology.  The session was quite informative as we learned how to make a movie using the iMovie app and link our iPad screens to classroom laptops so the tablet screen can be displayed on class projectors (Doceri and Reflector apps).  Other apps presented, or shared by attendees, included Notability, Good Reader, and CloudOn, along with those that keep track of our ever growing collection of online resources and documents such as Evernote or Dropbox.  These apps allow students and professors to easily integrate iPad features into course presentations or Blackboard posts.

iPads and other tablets are increasingly becoming more visible here at the University Library.  Students often have them out on desktops as they also work on their laptops or Library PCs.  Not only are tablets out, but smartphones are plugged in and calculators are visible.  As tablets become more common students will quickly discover the use and relevance of the many apps available.  To stay abreast of the literature on using iPads in the academic environment, be sure to search our Library databases for recent journal articles.  Use the Articles & E-Resources tab at the top of the search box on the Library homepage, inputting keywords such as iPad, teaching, faculty, or student to quickly get to relevant articles. The infographic  shown below provides an interesting synopsis on today's use of tablets.  

As students continue to interact with mobile and digital technology the University Library is working to expand access to digital materials.  Through the Affordable Learning Initiative of the Chancellor’s Office, the Library now has access to more than 150,000 eBooks accessible through EBSCOhost, Safari Books Online, and ebrary.  Many of these books are used as textbooks.  Students can not only read these materials on their desktop or laptop, but many can be downloaded to an iPad and a number of dedicated e-readers. 

And, to allow students to explore the many possibilities inherent in the applications of an iPad, the Library now loans out 30 iPad 2s for student use.  More information on the checkout program can be found here.  

Please feel free to post your comments on which iPad apps you find useful!  Let's start a conversation about what is working for you!

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