Thursday, January 15, 2009

Important announcement about login IDs

To All faculty, staff and students:

Please note that you can no longer log in to library services from off-campus using your Social Security Number.

Please use ONLY the barcode ID number on your student or faculty/staff ID card to log in to the Library system in order to renew your books online and remotely access the Library’s resource. When reading ebooks, searching article databases, and downloading full-text journal articles, etc., from off-campus you will need to use this ID number.

If you are not sure about your barcode ID number, or if it is not on your ID card, please call the IT Help Desk at 310-243-2500 for help.

What is my barcode ID number?

Your barcode ID number is the 14-digit number on your ID card. It is the number 20550 followed by your 9-digit ID number. This number is printed at the very bottom of the ID card on all new IDs.

Example: 20550982340006
(please do not use spaces, dashes or hyphens).

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