Monday, January 23, 2012

New Library Home Page

The University Library has a new home page. Here are the biggest changes, to help you orient yourself.

Tabbed Search Box – We've made it easier to start your research. You can now search the library's catalog and website, as well as Google Scholar and other resources, from one centralized location. Just click the relevant tab to access the different search bars.

Cleaner Layout – We've streamlined the website, removing unnecessary design aspects until all that's left is what needs to be there: the content you need to help you with your research.

More Links – Although our design is minimalist, we've increased the amount of information on the home page. You can now access more pages with one click, reducing the amount of time spent trying to find what you need.

Dropdown Menu – We've added a dropdown menu to the home page with direct links to important and frequently visited pages. It's now easier to find department web pages, information on the library, and research materials.

Easier to Understand – We've tried to remove some of the library jargon from our web page, so that our links are more intuitive and easier to understand.

Social Media Links – The library is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. We've added links to these social media services at the top of our home page, so you can easily keep abreast of library news, announcements, and other information in realtime.

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