Thursday, September 27, 2012

Election Guide 2012 -- VOTE TOROS!

Obama. Romney.  Who are these guys?  What’s Proposition 30? How come the Electoral College overrides the popular vote?

Although the process of voting can be pretty simple, the time and preparation needed to understand the process and cast a responsible vote can be quite daunting.  Reference Librarian Vivian Linderman has put together an online Election Guide to help you understand and navigate through Campaign 2012.

The guide includes numerous links to online resources related to voting and the election process, the candidates, the issues, and the California propositions.  You also will find links to information on the upcoming presidential debates, fact checkers (Pants on Fire!) and how to track the Red State / Blue State Electoral College votes.   As an added bonus, she’s added some fun sites to enjoy the antics of popular comedians, political spoofs, and cartoons.

Get out the vote TOROS!

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